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Hill Top Modeller on show

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Little wonder Joseph Frost is still in a spin.
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Hill Top’s very own master radio control modeller has just returned from a trip of a lifetime to Japan as special guest of the world’s greatest air show – for hobbyists, that is.

He described the four minutes flying his majestic BO 105 helicopter in front of 50,000 fanatical aero-modellers as the “ultimate buzz” of his 11 year scale building career.

“It just went like that,” Mr Frost said clicking his fingers.

“An observer had to tap me on the shoulder to say ‘this is it mate, you have to land’.

“There were no nerves, I had done it all before, but it just went so quick.”

Mr Frost is regarded by the model world as perhaps the best scale-helicopter craftsmen there is.

He’s also a pretty good artist, having been recognised for his finely detailed prints, especially those depicting the Sydney 2000 New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The Czechoslovakian native started fiddling with rotors and spinners about the time he moved to the Highlands 16 years ago.

He now boasts a working fleet of about a dozen working radio-controlled units and writes regular columns for some of the world’s biggest modelling magazines.

“I started by accident, really,” he recalls.

“I saw one advertised in the Trading Post one day, a radio controlled helicopter … I didn’t even know they existed.

“I travelled to Sydney, and bought it. It was a heap of s..t, but that’s what got me hooked.”

The expertise he acquired over the years, coupled with his naturally brilliant flair with the brush, culminated last month when he “flew” in front of thousands of hobbyists at International Air Meet 2000, in Ojima, Japan.

He reckons the weeklong all-expenses paid trip to the small industrial town 75km northwest of Tokyo will remain the highlight of his modelling career.

The November 3 “pageant”, as Mr Frost calls it, featured a flyoff to decide the world’s best model pilot; the year’s winner walked away with a cool two million Yen, or $A40,000.

More than 50,000 people attended the day. There were stalls, demonstrations, book signings and the guest performances … “this is the day of all days,” Mr Frost defined it as.

“The Japanese hospitality is unbelievable.”

There he was, one of three special visitors invited by the editors of the globe’s aero-hobbyist bible, Radio Control Technique.

He performed his four-minute routine with American stunt guru Curtis Youngblood and famed Swiss electrical aviator Urs Leodolter.

“These guys are freaks, they’re the best in the world,” Mr Frost said.

“Curtis is the god of aerobatics and you had to see Urs’ plane … an electric powered thing that went over 300kph.”

Once he finished his demonstration, he was swamped by curious hordes of Japanese wanting to know his secrets.

While all this was going on, the nine IAM 2000 competitors were being judged on a series of “freestyle” and “compulsory” flights.

As like in gymnastics, the freestyle category was accompanied by music, one competitor opting for the Latin rhythms of Ricky Martin.

According to Mr Frost, competition was fierce, but also dangerous, with a pilot becoming disorientated during a difficult maneuver and smashing his expensive toy metres from other pilots.

“The New Zealand guy’s plane had wings which were 2cm too long … he came all the way from NZ and said ‘bugger it’ and got the hacksaw out,” he said.

“But it flew perfectly.”

Mr Frost is now back home already working on another kit. For the record, his Rossi powered, 8kg BO 105 took three months to build and weeks to test.

He says it’s a most rewarding hobby that can be taken up by anyone, providing they have the patience.

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Tathra women’s golf

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On Saturday, September 27 only a small field contested the Tathra women’s golf Stroke event when the CCR was 70.
Nanjing Night Net

The winner was Margaret Nall with 65 nett and the runner up was Lesley Baird with 69 nett.

Balls went to Margaret Nall, Lesley Baird and Joy Brunton and Handicap Reductions were h given to Margaret Nall who reduced her handicap from 33 to 30.

On Tuesday, September 30 a 4BBB Stableford event was held prior to the

Ladies Golf Annual General Meeting.

The winners were Kath Brown and Sally Armstrong with 51 points and the runners up were Helen Groch and Edith Robinson with 46 points. Nearest the Pins : On the 5th/14th Amy Bennett, and 2nd shot on the 9th Veronica Coman. Balls went to Kath Brown, Sally Armstrong, Helen Groch, Edith Robinson, Pam Drayton, Dot Brand, Kerry Gardner, Claire Joyce, Marnie Nicholson, Sandra Mullaney, Renate Boulter and Robin Ferguson.

The new Committee of Tathra Beach Ladies Golf Club consists of : Patron –

Rae Pitchford; President – Margaret Nall; Vice President – Ronnie Rawlins;

Treasurer – Joy Brunton; Secretary – Denise Miller; Captain – Colleen

Bennett; Vice Captain – Sue Cotterill; Handicapper – Pam Drayton;

Committee – Sandra Mullaney, Kath Brown, Robin Ferguson, Marnie Nicholson

and Noela George.

On Wednesday 1 October 2003 a small field of Tathra ladies travelled to

Bermagui to compete in the return Interclub match for the Bermagui/Tathra

Mollie Jaggers Trophy.

Unfortunately the Bermagui ladies were too good for Tathra on this occasion by 139 to 122 points, winning the trophy back until the 2004 season. Tathra’s Colleen Bennett won the Visitor’s Trophy.

Coming up tomorrow Saturday 4 October there is a Bisque Par and on Tuesday, October 7 a Stroke – FSC Medal Round.

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Local parliamentarians awash with water views

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Local State member and Shadow Environmental Minister Peta Seaton is urging all local people to take the time to read the draft drinking water proposal being circulated for comment which will set new rules for all approval processes ranging from framing to house building.
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“This is our only chance to tell the State Government what we feel about the proposed ‘’Regional Environment Plan for Sydney’s Drinking Water’, which will, when finalised, have extensive powers to exclude many of the land uses and sorts of developments we take for granted in our local area,” she said.

Ms Seaton said the background to the REP was that when the Sydney Catchment Authority was created to protect Sydney’s drinking water from the threat of a recurrence of the cryptosporidium scare nearly three years ago, new rules about what would and would not be allowed in the catchment area were foreshadowed.

“This new rule – or REP will govern our planning approvals for the future. In the interim our area has been governed by SEPP 58 (State Environmental Planning Policy), but this was to be replaced when an REP was drawn up, consulted in the community, and then finalised. Now is the time for this consultation period.

“The REP can potentially rule out certain sorts of new proposals for local agriculture activity, ploughing, housing development, and a range of other land uses,” Ms Seaton said.

“It will also create pressure on existing activities to improve their environment impacts which will result in improved sewage management in particular.”

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Special store sale

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BEGA yarded 2400 good quality store cattle selling to a good crowd of buyers from Shepparton, Wodonga, Leongatha, Kyneton, Swan Hill, Gundagai, and the local area on September 25.
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A strong market for steers with Heifers $20 to $40 cheaper.

Steers 2.1/2 years to $840.

Steers 18mths to $722.

Steers 12mths to $700.

Most good weaner and yearling steers $480 to $660.

Younger steers $300 to $400.

Top Heifers to $500.

Most Heifers $250 to $420.

Cows and calves to $1100, most $450 to $750.

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The Dragons Return

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The Moss Vale Dragons will be a separate entity in the 2001 Group 6 Rugby League competition, buoyed by the addition of a new captain/coach and several Chr(39)importedChr(39) players.
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Former Wests Tigers coaching staff member Robert Wilesmith will be the new captain/coach, the club recently announced.

Wilesmith has a wealth of experience in the Group 6 competition, having played for the premiership winning Warragamba team in 1989 and in OakdaleChr(39)s grand finalist team in 1991 as a front rower.

Moss Vale Dragons Committee Vice President Tony Mitchell said the Dragons would be securing at least five, and possibly 10, players from out of the area.

The move has ensured the league team will Chr(39)definitelyChr(39) not again team with the Bowral/Robertson Pioneers as they did this year.

“I canChr(39)t see us not standing alone with the way itChr(39)s going,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell welcomed the clubChr(39)s action, and claimed the Dragons return as a separate team has already brought back several of the teamChr(39)s former sponsors.

He concedes the luring of players from outside the area is a last resort, but claims the move will help the club regain its local popularity.

“You get to a point where you try everything locally but when you donChr(39)t have any players you have no choice,” he said.

“ItChr(39)s up to us to start winning games and to get people through the gates.

Mitchell acknowledged both the Bowral/Robertson and Moss Vale teams had struggled this year, and the club had to take more affirmative action for the upcoming season.

The new plan for the club also aims to encourage more local players to bolster the ranks, hopefully persuaded by the clubChr(39)s more competitive Group 6 stance.

Although Mitchell did not release the names of players expected to sign with Moss Vale, he said three of them were from the first division Sydney competition and another two were from the premiership winning team in the Sydney tertiary league.

The new recruits include several specialist backs including five-eighth, halfback, centre and fullback and also two front rowers.

Mitchell refused to tell of the financial packages offered to the players, if any, but said sponsors had Chr(39)kicked inChr(39) to get the club off to a good start.

And despite the imminent placement of a points system to curb clubs using too many quality players from outside the clubChr(39)s area, Mitchell said the club will still be within the new Group 6 regulations.

The final terms and conditions of the ruling has not yet passed the board, but at this stage clubChr(39)s will be placed on a point restriction based on the townChr(39)s population (see draft plan below).

The Moss Vale Dragons will also field a reserve grade side and an under 18s team for the first time in six years.

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Bega Fat Cattle

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BEGA yarded 345 generally good quality cattle on Tuesday, selling to a firm market.
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Bulls to 130c/kilo.

Beef cows to 131c.

Friesian cows to 127c.

Most heavy cows 105 to 125c.

Medium cows 85 to 110c.

Vealers to 200c.

Yearling steers to 190c.

Most good trade cattle 160 to 190c.

Heavy yearling cattle 140 to 170c.

Bobby Calves $40 dearer

188 Bobby Calves brought prices $20 to $40 dearer.

Top calves to $120, most calves $45 to $90.

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Numbers important at special blue light meeting

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As you may be aware Wingecarribee Blue Light Inc. has operated successfully in the Southern Highlands for more than fifteen years. During this time we have received great support from various groups and attendance by our local youth. At this time some of their former youth are allowing their own children to attend.
Nanjing Night Net

As a result of currently instituted fire Restrictions we have been forced to start a pre sold ticketing program for our Senior Dance parties/functions. Prior to this we were catering for on average 700 young persons per month(excludes Junior Discos) for the past twelve months. This is indicative of the growth of this area. When Blue Light started we averaged three hundred young persons. Because of the increase in numbers over the years we have been forced to review on a regular basis the venues we were using. Our current venue is the Auditorium of the Mittagong RSL Club. This is the biggest venue that meets fire restrictions for public functions. there has been suggestions to go outdoors but logistically and for safety purposes that is not an option on a regular basis.

This factor and listening to and monitoring activities of various other groups/organisations within the Shire highlights the need for a the provision of a community based facility that can and will cater for large numbers of people. Not just for now but in the future and beyond.

We would like to invite a representative from your group/organisation to attend a Public Meeting that is being planned to once again address and hopefully finalise the on going saga for the need and construction at a major leisure sport centre. This meeting is important not just to us but to everyone within the Shire because we are sure that if built at sometime you or an immediate member of your family will use a leisure sporting centre.

You may be aware but you may not.

In the Wingecarribee Shire we have no venue that can hold a public function for more than 550 persons standing and 400 persons seated. There are plenty of private function facilities but they can only cater for their own ie: schools halls and attending students. This is because of state fire standards and a reluctance of State councils to challenge these standards and the limitations they place upon organisations.

There are a number of groups and organisations throughout this Shire who have a need or desire to use an indoor entertainment/leisure centre. This includes indoor swimming centres through to other sporting ventures such as cricket, hockey, soccer and the occasional rained out market day.

For entertainment purposes we do not attract top line acts or shows because the venues are small for their acoustic or artistic needs or the return on ticket sales is restricted. We should be able to attract these acts/artists. As seen in the past promoters can organise and hold functions of a first class calibre in the Highlands that attract not only local dollars but also the tourist dollars to our Shire. This helps everyone including local council.

We live in an area that is growing and according to statisticians has a rapid growth rate when compared to the rest of New South Wales. With the ever improving transport systems between the Southern Highlands, Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra persons are choosing to raise their families in this area and work in these major cities. The notion that this area is a country area is and has long been replaced by the term semi rural. We can still populate and grow and have our semi rural attraction.

Taking all this into account we need to impress upon our elected Councillors the need to spend monies and start to improve and provide facilities not for today or five years but look to a ten year or beyond plan. This may cause a drain upon some resources but if you want to sustain growth you must attract growth.

We would like to stress to all persons who intend to represent their group this is not a meeting to personally attack our elected councillors but to finalise the never ending chase for a leisure centre. To ensure this does occur each group represented will have one voice or speaker. Under no circumstances will one group be allowed to stack the meeting. They can be represented in numbers but not in voice.

Meeting Date: Tuesday, 28th November 2000, 7.30pm sharp at Mittagong RSL Club Bessemer St Mittagong.

This meeting of the Shire is to let everyone voice their concerns, listen to others and urge our elected councillors of the need for a large community facility. Blue Light is asking your group or organisation to attend and be represented at this important meeting. For seating arrangements could you please respond and let us know how many persons will be attending and who the authorised speaker will be on the night.

RSVP: 20th November 2000 to the above mailing address/phone numbers 4868 2794.

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Behind the News

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A BEGA reader believes many local drivers are of the opinion they’re not governed by road centre line markings. He says they consistently break the law by crossing double lines to make a right turn from Carp Street into Church Street, mostly at speed, as they seem to think no one will notice them then.
Nanjing Night Net

WHAT a weekend it was last weekend for the small Tanja community with both the school and hall reaching major milestones in their history. It’s a case of hats off to the organisers of both celebrations (in many instances the same people) as, thanks to their efforts, a great time was had by the hundreds who came back for the occasions. No doubt the strong community support was reward enough but we still say – Well done!

AN EMAIL doing the rounds is somewhat more practical that most of the ones we receive. This one asks people to visit the website www.thebreastcancersite南京夜网 each day and click on “donating a mammogram” (pink window in the middle). This doesn’t cost you a thing. Corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily “hits” on the site to donate mammograms for women who cannot afford them, in exchange for advertising.

AND if you are a football fan, may your team win the grand final on Sunday night.

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Michele Scamps: President of Joynt

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Michelle Scamps: President of Joynt
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Michele Scamps is one of a group of people who are actively doing something about the drug problems on the Highlands.

Granted, we would all like to believe that we don’t have a problem but that is not the reality.

We are not isolated from the woes of the world here on the Highlands.

Just under 12 months ago an association was formed in response to the community concerns about the issue of youth drug and alcohol use and abuse.

A Steering Committee was formed and is representative of people concerned with the issues and the association is also a recognised Community Drug Action Team under the auspices of the Premier’s Department.

The Joynt Youth Action Group came into being after two “Staying Alive” evenings that were attended by over 200 highlighted the community’s concern.

Under the guidance of Lisa Allen they developed a strong working relationship with local schools looking at ways in which to improve drug education and they have developed strong links with the Macarthur Drug and Alcohol Youth Project.

Michele, who has now taken on the role as president of Joynt, said, “we were the first community drug action team in NSW to be recognised by the Premier’s Department”.

They are encouraging communities and education facilitators to work together from the ground up.

They were concerned at the lack of a drug and alcohol councillor for over 12 months.

Essential Crossings is a detox and rehabilitation programme that is a unique residential and outreach programme that was developed in the Netherlands and is being set up in the highlands. Joynt also work closely with the local mental Health Councillor.

Michele and her committee at Joynt are looking at setting up a youth forum inviting ten students from each of the six local high schools to attend. This requires considerable funding and that is another major project for Joynt.

They have had open gardens, a dance at Burrawang, an exhibition at Sturt and the next fundraising venture is a “Tongue Lashing with Jean Kittson” which will be held at The Bowral Golf Club this Friday night at 7:30. The fundraiser includes a three-course dinner and an open bar and all proceeds will go to Joynt Youth Action thus helping the youth of the Wingecarribee.

Although the RSVP deadline has passed you can still make enquiries to Jane Kooros on 48623783.

They are aiming to raise $25,000 to cover the Youth Drug Forum.

Michele is also responsible for putting out a regular newsletter and is disturbed by the calls she gets from members of the community advising her of some of the problems in the local area like the young mother who could not get access to any counselling services for her daughter and the mother in Colo Vale disturbed about the number of used syringes found in the local park near the children’s play area.

Michele has made presentations to local service groups and they are only too happy to do so to help increase the awareness of the work they do to the community and also to generate interest from the service groups to help fund the forum which is planned for June next year.

“It takes courage to care” and this is the name of a programme that Ruth Wilson runs in tandem with a moving exhibition of the same name. Ruth takes “heroes”, people who have suffered and overcome, or who have made contributions to society and gets them to tell their story to groups of year 5 and up students thus training the students not only in interviewing skills but also letting them hear first hand how people face different problems.

Joynt also works hand in hand with The Family Drug Support Group that has been set up in the Southern Highlands by Karmen Hill.

There are many areas of involvement when it comes to drug and alcohol education and Michele and the members of Joynt are dedicated to raising the awareness of the community.

“There is no doubt that for and effective action to be taken in relationship to the long list of issues relating to drug and alcohol use and abuse that it must come from the whole community”.

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Bega District Diary

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Birthday calls
Nanjing Night Net

Happy birthday to Lucy Smith, Don Barwick, Jack Hartican, Courtney Twyford, Sally-May Ruggerio, Lewis Grainger, Kathleen Boyne, Hayley Woods, Jono Stokes, Karissa Anderson, John Nugent, Ben Cogan, Luke Apps, Tracy Blacka, Barbara O’Donovan, Ellen Went, Lisa Newton, Kate Alexander, Melissa Went and Sally Hergenhan who all celebrated birthdays during the week.


Lunch with an archbishop

As part of Anti-Poverty Week, which extends from October 13 to 17, an invitation has been extended to everyone interested to attend a lunch and seminar in Canberra with the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa, Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane.

The lunch will be held on Monday, October 13, at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture in Blackall St, Barton, (phone 6273 8805) at a cost of $20 per person.

Archbishop Ndungane considers the fight in South Africa against economic injustice and HIV/AIDS to be as serious as the previous struggle against apartheid.

He throws out a challenge to Australians to fight against poverty.

If you wish to attend the lunch on October 13, RSVP by October 10 to either Anglicord on (03) 9882 6517 or email: anglicord.org.au


School reunion

The Bega High School class of 1993 will hold a reunion on Saturday, November 1, at the Bega RSL Golf Club from 6pm.

The cost will be $10 per head.

Phone Heather on 4285 3721 or 0403 410 555 or Penny on 0438 289 092 if you will be attending and let them know how many you will be bringing with you.

This will help greatly with the catering and entertainment plans.

Apologies to anyone that has not received an invitation as yet but the organisers are having trouble acquiring all the addresses.

Please note that Heather’s contact number was wrong last week.


Hospital Auxiliary

At the September meeting of the Bega Hospital Auxiliary, the golf day was discussed and all those who helped on the day were thanked.

The Christmas stall will be held at the Church Street Kiosk on Thursday, November 20.

The Christmas luncheon will be at the TAFE on Tuesday, October 28, names to Betty or Dot by October 21.

The next meeting will be held on Friday, October 17, in the Education Centre.


Blacker reunion

Members of the Blacker family will be at the Bega Showground throughout the long weekend, providing a gathering point for anyone wanting to catch up.

The official Blacker family reunion will be held at the showground on Sunday with registration and morning tea from 10am to 11am.

Lunch will also be provided.

All descendants of George and Sarah Blacker, who arrived in Australia in 1858, are invited to attend and encouraged to bring any family records or old photos they may have.

The reunion is being organised by Margaret McDonnell, a great granddaughter of George and Sarah.


Winning photo

The Bega Valley Art and Crafts Society held a photographic competition as part of last Saturday’s very successful Spring Festival of Arts at the Old Bega Hospital.

The winner was David Cotton with his entry titled ‘Baby and Bear’.




Today (Friday), Lindsay and Irene Newton will celebrate 50 years of marriage.

Lindsay and Irene were married in St Patrick’s Church, Bega, on October 3, 1953, by Father Brohan.

Their son Peter and his wife Debbie will be hosting a dinner for the happy couple and all of their family, including seven grandchildren.


Gardens and Friendship

The October meeting of the Cobargo Garden and Friendship club will be held at Le Ander, the property of Noel Went on Old Tilba Rd, Bermagui, on Thursday, October 9.

Arrive at noon and take your own lunch.

This beautiful garden and property is an open garden and there is a $5 entrance fee.

The Garden Club certainly enjoyed last month’s visit to Joe and Ken Jacobs Waratah farm at the Murrah.

Many thanks to the Bermagui Garden Club for the invitation.

For more information phone Robyn on 6493 8324 or Margaret on 6493 6461.


Finnie’s fundraiser

Local identities Peter Finucane and John Perry were involved in a serious car accident at Narooma on September 19.

They are both recuperating in Canberra Hospital and could be there for up to two months.

Finnie and his wife Helen have been operating a courier business in the district for many years.

He is a legend at Tathra, having been involved in rugby league, surf lifesaving and cricket, while his fundraising expertise for the Wharf to Waves, duck races and golf days is second to none.

He has always supported his children in all their sporting events.

The strong winds have damaged his handrail at home to the point where the whole lot needs replacing.

The Tathra Sporting Club and Lions Club have launched a “DIY project, Tathra style at his home.

To offset the costs involved as well as ongoing expenses, a fundraising night has been planned for tomorrow night (Saturday).

It will be held at the Tathra Surf Club from 6.30pm onwards and entry costs $20 a head, including a barbecue dinner.

Refreshments will be available (no BYO).

Please RSVP so catering arrangements can be arranged.

There will be raffles and an auction during the night and anyone with goods or cash to donate should phone Paul Finucane on 6492-0592, Warren Kelso on 6494-1991, Raelene Price on 6494-4179 or Janene Elliott on 6494-1752.


New to Bermagui

Fisk and Nagle Bermagui welcomes a new staff member, Danielle Martin.

She may be new to Bermagui but she is not new to real estate.

Danielle has spent the last eight years very successfully selling real estate in Melbourne and has all the tools and experience to handle the sale of your property and achieve a fantastic price.

A confident, mature and experienced real estate professional, Danielle is committed to client service, treating every client’s transaction with the respect it is due.

Confirming her confidence in the local property market, Danielle and her partner are in the process of renovating their first piece of Bermagui real estate.

Danielle’s results are outstanding so if you are thinking of selling and want great service and an outstanding result, speak to Danielle.


Presentation day

Mini-Soccer recently wrapped up for another year with a presentation day.

All the kids had a feed and some games were played before the trophies were presented.

The organiser thanks everyone who helped on the day and throughout the year.

Special thanks to Darren and Cherie Mitchell, Bega Cheese, Bega West School, Fletchers Fotographics, Sportspower and the Scouts for their great support.

Thanks also to Kangarutha Nursery and the Bega RSL Club for their sponsorship for the year.

It was a huge year and next year will be even bigger.


Wheel of Fortune

Tune into Wheel of Fortune today (Friday) and you will see a familiar face among the contestants.

Damien Eyles, son of former Bega residents Peter and Sharon, is appearing on the show and, according to dad Peter, he does very well for himself.


Evening View

The Bega Evening View Club will hold its next monthly dinner meeting on Thursday, October 9, at 7pm for a progressive dinner commencing with the Asian Pearl Restaurant at the Grand Hotel, Bega.

Members are reminded to take along an unwrapped children’s gift for the Smith Family Christmas Appeal.

Viewpoint for October is “My Secret Desire”

Visitors and new members are always welcome to attend View dinners and to learn about the organisation and the Smith Family.

If you haven’t booked yet, phone Margaret Voice on 6494 4406 by Monday evening, October 6.

Don’t forget, your favourite recipes are still welcome for the recipe book.

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